"Bi-Directional Micro-Transaction"
Here is a sample of some of the solutions that have been implemented
Pay and get Paid!
In the world of social media and self publishing find out how you can pay and get paid with Micropay's commerce platform. For years we have been working on the perfect application to make commerce on the Internet be multi-currency and bi-directional.
Merchant Accounts, Banking Regulations, Accepting Credit Cards
PayPalTM, shopping carts, merchant accounts... what is the best choice for your business? More importantly, do they fit your business model? See how you can accept credit cards, transfers and do micropayments with Micropay.
Pay Walls and Monitoring your Content's Value to the User
The acceptance of micropayments has grown from things such as gaming and social media. Traditional online publish content, search engines, newspapers, magazines, pay wall sites are changing to enable the user. Micropay has solutions to track the value the users see in each piece of content and allow for tipping, donating, recommending and promoting.
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